January 2020: Since learning about the social determinants of health (all those factors that impact our health and wellbeing outside of the hospital/clinic) and health and social inequities that exist in our communities at home and around the world, I became interested and passionate about healthcare and public health systems that are able to help people live the most healthy, fulfilling, and successful lives as possible.

Before entering medical school at the University of Ottawa, I spent 2 months working as an intern with the World Health Organization in the Department of Prevention of Noncommunicable Disease (the diseases that as a world, we are struggling the most with, including heart and lung disease, cancer, and diabetes). I was fascinated with how international public health and diplomacy translates to good public policy and programming for people around the world, including Canada.

My passion for the health of communities, to better understanding the knowledge and role of a doctor in the healthcare system, drew me to medical school. After 4 years of medical school in Ottawa and learning from clinician-educators across the country, as well as abroad, I am tremendously thankful for the privilege of caring for patients and ultimately deepening my appreciation of humanity and compassion for others.

Serendipitously and interestingly enough, I recently was informed that I have been selected as the official Canadian youth delegate to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). This includes attending the 73rd World Health Assembly, an annual meeting of all the member states and stakeholders of the World Health Organization to tackle and address the world’s most pressing global health issues. As well as attending, the PAHO Directing Council meeting on health issues affecting the Americas region.

I realize that I am finishing medical school with very similar reflections and thoughts on health and healthcare. Still, this time around, I feel incredibly humbled and ready to represent Canada and Canadian youth with the experiences, knowledge, and lessons that I have been privileged to have been a part of.

This journal is meant to be a space for sharing updates, providing insight, and critically reflecting upon my experiences related to global health. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to connecting and exchanging ideas.