Global Health Spotlight: Yipeng Ge

Thank you, Juxtaposition (University of Toronto, Global Health Magazine) for an opportunity to reflect and share some thoughts!

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Yipeng Ge is a Chinese-Canadian, first-generation immigrant, and a humble and grateful guest of this land.He grew up in Waterloo, Ontario and completed his undergraduate studies at McMaster University in Health Sciences (Honours) with a specialization in Global Health. He received his MD from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. He is a resident physician in Public Health and Preventive Medicine (including family medicine) in Ottawa. He is Canada’s official youth delegate to the 73rd World Health Assembly and the 58th Pan American Health Organization Directing Council – the highest decision-making bodies for the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization, respectively.

  1. What inspired you to pursue a career in public health? 

A lot of things certainly did! During my undergraduate studies in Hamilton, I learned so very much about Indigenous health and health and social inequities in the context of the Hamilton and…

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